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Company Overview

Celebrity Portal is a venture by 5 year old web site and software development company - M/s Banashri Creative Softwares Pvt.Ltd., marked its way by developing spectacular websites to most of the Kannada Music Industry Veterans and celebrities, Topnotch architects, industrialists and politicians. Read More

With more than 800 website development and design experince under its sleeves, Core commitee at Banashri Creative Softwares has decided to give a saparate webpresence and brand name for the great people of Performing arts and only their allied service providers.

So here comes the CELEBRTITY PORT - For celebrated people.


Music, Dance, Drama & acting has always given me peace of mind, Joy and strenghth to move ahead both in terms of dealing day to day business affair and in my career. I enjoyed the company, blessings and guidence of somoe of the most prominent and celebrated people of Performing arts world by wchi I could achieve my dreams and make my career in this website and software development business. I thought of returning a favour for all of the wonder full people of performing arts world. so here is the CELEBRITY PORTAL - For most celebrated people. I always welcome your advise, suggession and feed back which inturn will light up my way ahead. I hope and wish that every one will make use of it. My Humble regards - Krishna U Hiriyur (Managing Director - Celebrity Portal )


Aim of the Celebrity Portal.
This portal has been created exclusivly for the great people from performing arts world and their allied service providers only. Our Aim is to provide individual web presence by providing websites at very afforbale prices with individual domain extentions (eg. www.celebrtity.in)

Objective of Celebrity Portal.
Through this portal, our objective is to provide an exclusive platform for all performing artists and allied service providers where every member can exchange the service, excercise options, Mutually communicate and cross reffer, Blogging, feed backing and etc. This will create common platform not only for performing artists but also to every one else who search for getting service from artists and may also be for fan following.




Service Model
The format in which the data has to be provided to the celebrity portal has been specified in the portal. Just according to the format, one can prepare the document in MS word format, burn a CD and request for pick up from their door steps.


They can E mail all the contents to reg@celebrityportal.com


Simply one can fill up the text boxes given in the portals "registartion" page, and thats it, your website will be uploaded with in 7 days from receiving payment.





3 years down the line, we visualize all the celebrities using this portal for their basic and advanced communication, business and entertinment. We visualize, every artist printing their own website domain name in their visting/business card with their ownexclusive e mail ID and portal ID. We want to make this poratl as "HOME PAGE" for every artist and allied service providers like event managers.

Future plans Include business listing for all the members, telephone search options and business leeds for every member of the portal


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